About Me...

So, I think about music as being this vessel that is supposed to transcend ideas and feelings from person to person. I spent a lot of my teenage years wondering where I ‘fit’ in this universe in the grand scheme of things and I’m pretty certain that I still don’t really know the answer to that. All I know is that I live in my own dream world with my own rules and make music to fit within that world. I reckon anyone who knows me would describe me as weird and quirky and honestly thank goodness because why would anyone want to be somebody that they’re not? I was always that kid in high school who spent most of their time in rehearsals than doing anything else. That and sitting socially somewhere between pop sensibilities and emo rebellion... it definitely wasn't a phase (mum, I'm looking at you). Tbh, I’m not somebody to beat around the bush and prefer to talk and write about real stuff, yano? My music talks about mental health, toxic relationships, toxic friendships, love and heartbreak and everything else in between. I pride myself on staying true to my artistic integrity and try to create art that is meaningful and impactful. I just slather it in rich bass lines and catchy melodies as well. I went to University to study music and ended up graduating with a Bachelor of Music (Contemporary Performance Voice) and a Diploma for Graduates in Music (Jazz) from The University of Otago. But, I kind of go to the beat of my own drum now (yes, pun entirely intended). I work as a freelancing recording artist and I teach privately in my own home studio. I’ve completed a couple of nationwide tours already and have played at some of New Zealand’s major music festivals like  Baydreams Nelson 2021 and  Mardi Gras 2021. 2022 is already shaping up to be a big one! With expected performances at Victoria University O-WEEK and BIG GAY OUT.  It's crazy to think that I've amassed something like half a million streams collectively across all my music streaming platforms and honestly? That's still such a wildly weird flex, but hey, I'll take it.

I'd  just love for you to close your eyes and jump down the rabbit hole with me and see for yourself what my world is all about; allow yourself to let go and let's lose our minds in wonderland... together.  We're all mad here.

<3 vikae