Born in Ukraine and seeking refuge in New Zealand post Chernobyl, Veronika Bell [who goes by the pseudonym VÏKÆ ] was introduced to the beauty of classical music from an early age. Veronika began studying the piano (Royal Schools ABRSM) when she was the tender age of 5 and growing up Veronika attended ballet school and had already finished a drama programme before the age of 12. Finding a niche within the performing arts gave Veronika a sense of purpose. Under the tutelage of Gina Sanders, Veronika studied the Trinity College Guildhall vocal syllabuses and at age 16 she was awarded a choral scholarship towards tertiary tuition. Originally enrolled in a Classical Performance programme at University she switched to a Contemporary  Performance programme in her 3rd year. Veronika obtained a Bachelor of Music (Contemporary Performance Voice) and a Diploma for Graduates in Music (Jazz) in 2016 from The University of Otago. She became a resident vocalist of The Dunedin City Jazz Orchestra and began releasing her own music. Veronika formed and managed a band 'VTMNK' . The band released their own music and spent the majority of their time together gigging around the wider Dunedin area. Soon afterwards, Veronika moved to Auckland to pursue a solo career. As a freelancing singer songwriter, Veronika now works as a recording artist and teaches privately in her home studio as well as being contracted to teach singing in schools. Amassing over 200k streams on Spotify and an EP somewhere in the works, Veronika's vocals have been compared to the likes of Taylor Swift, Astrud Gilberto and Sabrina Claudio. Immersing herself in creativity, Veronika uses art as therapy; she creates all her own content as well as directing, filming and editing all her own music videos. It is no denying that Veronika is a multifaceted vocalist with a bright future ahead of her; with a passion for songwriting and teaching. 

Veronika is also available for functions and private events.


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